At The Lighthouse we understand that if you have been sexually abused it can be hard to talk about. It can make you feel afraid, isolated or ashamed. But it’s never your fault.

At The Lighthouse we can help you.

What is The Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is a safe space for you to report abuse and seek justice for what happened to you. It will help you to understand and make sense of your experiences. It’s a very brave thing to speak out, and you may have waited a long time to tell someone because you were worried about who you might upset or felt scared you wouldn’t be believed. But at The Lighthouse you can take things at your own pace, and our friendly, expert team will be there to guide you through every step of your journey towards recovery.

What happens at The Lighthouse?

At The Lighthouse we want to help you recover from the upset that sexual abuse can cause. We focus on getting you the right support at the right time, and make sure there are people you trust to support you.

  • Meeting your advocate

    You will meet someone called an advocate whose job is to help and guide you through your journey at The Lighthouse.

  • Making you feel comfortable

    If you need to see our doctor and nurse one of our team will explain what happens during the examination, offering things like relaxation techniques to make you feel more prepared. It’s your choice if you see the doctor and nurse with your parent or carer, or on your own.

  • Gathering important information

    When you’re ready to say more about what’s happened to you, someone will listen to you, to help gather the best evidence if your case goes to court. That person is specially trained to help young people who have been abused, helping them to feel more able to tell people what’s happened to them.

  • Helping you feel better

    Young people have told us that talking to someone they trust can really help them feel better. At The Lighthouse you can speak with someone who specialises in listening to young people who have been hurt. They will get to know you, listen to you and be there for you every step of the way.

    All of this happens at The Lighthouse.

  • Experiences of young people

    Click here to listen to the experiences of young people


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If you have experienced trauma, particularly from rape or sexual abuse, we won't judge and we are here to help.

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